6 Ways a Loan Officer is Crucial to Your Home Purchase

4 May 2017
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4 May 2017, Comments: Comments Off on 6 Ways a Loan Officer is Crucial to Your Home Purchase

Daily Routines of a Mortgage Loan Officer

Your loan officer is a very busy person, and often it may seem they are having a tough time playing phone tag. However, these hard-working people are doing a lot to keep all the balls juggling in the air at the same time.

On the contrary, these professionals aren’t playing at all.

Working on mortgages is serious business, and a real professional knows it’s crucial to their clients to do many tasks for them to close on a loan with proper time. If you’ve ever contemplated what a loan officer is doing throughout the day, then continue reading to learn more.

A First Step for a Loan Officer is Consulting with You

The first thing a loan office does is a consultation and assessment of the client’s current and past situation so they can obtain the right loan for the future. This initial meeting can mean a lot of paperwork. 

After approval is met from running a credit report, they then start shopping for your ideal loan.

A Multitude of Things Happened During the Pre-Approval Process

At this point, your friendly loan officer is working to collect all the paperwork necessary for you to obtain a mortgage.

Once there are a few options on the table, the loan officer must continue to appease the lenders to approach the final goal.

Your Mortgage Pro Arranges the Home Inspection Visit

In addition to accommodating the mortgage professionals, your loan officer will have to arrange for a home inspector to appraise the house.

They compare the properties by doing a comparable search to present to the banks.

The inspection is a standard procedure to understand what the home’s worth or value entails.

Arranging these inspections can be tricky depending on several factors including scheduling with current occupants of the property. As you might imagine, your loan officer must make all the arrangements including juggling everyone’s time involved.

There’s a Sea of Paperwork the Officer Must Obtain for Approval

Once the appraisal is back and everything is approved, the mortgager will request paperwork to be signed. After the paperwork clears, the loan officer will schedule a notary to meet with you.

After the lender receives all the necessary papers, there’s a very thorough inspection of everything.

A title or escrow company takes over and completes the rest. Together with your loan officer and the title company they work effortlessly on completing the deal and handing you the keys.

Loan Officers are Unsung Heroes

Lastly, a busy loan officer is answering emails and taking phone calls throughout the day.

They know and understand how to make their clients feel important and are willing to care for them. With a knowledgeable and skilled professional, you can ensure, these unsung heroes are striving to meet one goal, and that’s to get you into your home as quickly as they can.

For more information on working with one of our loan officers, please contact us directly!

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